Congratulations Chris Johnson On Your 200th Cut-up! Now what’s a “Cut-Up?”

We’d like to take the time here at InterCoastal Net Designs to congratulate one of our own, Chris Johnson, for his 200th “cut-up.” Technically not a “cut-up” anymore, Chris has been working on ICND sites where he converts an incoming design and produces that design into a workable web design complete with functionality.

Chris Johnson, Senior Front End Developer

A self taught man, Chris prides himself on clean code, keeping styling to the css file, and fast, deliverable websites. In an interview, Chris Johnson said, “Cut-up is an old term associated with ‘slicing’ a website with photoshop. Technically I converted a design. I now find myself coding using SASS and JADE to cut up my websites locally, as it provides me speed and many options such as custom and predefined mixins. ”

Both SASS and JADE are pre-processors that enhance the speed up time for his ‘cut-ups.’ And with the addition of his responsive design, this proves to be invaluable.


When asked about some of his favorite works, Chris pointed to a few such as, Lewis Farms,Debordieu RentalsCy’s World and Holden Brother’s Farm Market. He chose those because of certain techniques he used that he is particularly fond of.

Another facet that Mr. Johnson mentioned was bootstrap. This program helps speed up development as well as allows complete customization. This sleek, intuitive, and powerful front -end framework is just what developers should have in their artillery. In fact, Lewis Farms, is made using bootstrap.

So let us all give a big social kudos to our very own Chris Johnson. Great work Chris and keep em coming!

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