CAM – ICND Produces Clean, User-Friendly Site

Coastal Association Management, a Grand Strand company that specializes in the management of homeowner associations, recently teamed up with InterCoastal Net Designs to produce a website. The intention of this website is to showcase their services while displaying their long-term rentals section as well. This website is great for companies of this sort because it also includes event calendar functionality and blog capabilities. All of these custom-programmed features allow for CAM to show scheduled board meetings and share news.

Not only does this website present CAM in a professional manner, but it markets all HOAs that the company manages. CAM represents a team of strong leaders and management that is ready to help any HOA expand and maximize assets to ensure continual growth.

ICND has partnerships with clients all over the country, but our close proximity to the Myrtle Beach area is what makes client relationships, such as Coastal Association Management, so valuable. Just another example of how essential a strong online presence can be for marketing!

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