Another Mobile Site! Surfside Realty

Just last week, the team at InterCoastal Net Designs shared a new mobile site on our blog and explained the importance of going mobile with your online presence. This week, we would like to showcase another mobile site, Surfside Realty. Surfside’s new mobile site allows customers to book a vacation in seconds from their mobile device. Mobile booking gives potential Surfside Realty customers the option of booking immediately through our Property Plus booking engine integration. Often times people will check out a website on their mobile phone or tablet, get to the booking stage and be unable to book. It’s possible that the potential client has every intention of getting on their desktop computer back at the house and booking, but we all know how easy it is to get sidetracked. Technology is here to assist us in this fast paced world, and that is exactly the intention of Surfside Realty’s easy-to-use mobile site. This is also a search engine friendly site.

Surfside Realty has been a longtime client of ICND and we are always happy to assist our customers through integrating the latest online marketing trends into their campaign. Please keep in mind that mobile sites can be beneficial to any website, not just vacation rentals. Contact us today about getting your company ready for the mobile platform!


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