Announcing Redesigns for Quail Hunting Preserve

Gillionville Plantation, one of our most recent clients, is a large quail hunting property located just west of Albany, Georgia. We recently assisted them with a web site redesign that features a clean cut appearance that highlights the plantation’s classic focus on Southern history, family ties and quality hunting preserves.

Open since the late 1920’s, we realized the importance of maintaining the heritage of Gillionville Plantation when working on their redesign. Gillionville is family-owned and has never left the family since it’s beginning, which makes it one of the most respected plantations in the Georgia region. The redesign of the website provides Gillionville’s current and prospective members easy navigation of the plantation’s history, photos and membership requirements. We are pleased to announce Gillionville Plantation as one of our many unique clients as we continue to build our client base and try new online design and interactive techniques to better our client’s virtual presence and experience.

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