Charleston Real Estate Updates to ICNDmls3.0

ICND recently helped Dig Charleston, a real estate group located in Charleston, South Carolina, with MLS upgrades for their website. Dig Charleston’s primary agent is Mike Carrigan and he covers the entire Charleston coastal region. Mike requested our upgrades, as it enhances client usability and search functionality of his listings. This is just one of many MLS upgrades we have done this summer, proving that our MLS applications are popular among real estate agents due to success and overall helpfulness. We are proud of ICNDmls3.0 and all it has to offer our clients. Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about what ICND can do for your business!

Dig Charleston covers everything from condo sales to commercial real estate properties and it’s easy for clients to search for their desired purchase with the addition of our MLS software on the website. The search for a new home can be overwhelming, and our hope is that ICNDmls3.0 relieves much of that stress. It also allows clients of Dig Charleston to be more informed prior to visiting properties and it allows Mike Carrigan to show clients properties pointed toward their interest range, ultimately leading to a successful sale!

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