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Intercoastal Net Designs is a Charlotte search engine optimization company in the Ocean Isle Beach area offering 4 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) plans from which you can choose. We have put these packages together keeping in mind that we need to take care of the individual real estate agent to the large corporate operations. We also specialize in many other areas such as Charleston South Carolina and everywhere else in the Continental US.


  • One-time Fee Pricing
  • This is designed for clients that would like us to optimize a limited number of pages on their site. This model works well for those companies who don't want a long-term contract with InterCoastal Net Designs rather a short term solution to see if it's right for their business.

    To be effective we need to know the most important areas of your web site, your best-selling products and services and then we will focus on the top-level pages. The price includes a directory submission campaign, but not a link-building program.

    This price is available to clients with a small site with a finite number of pages; this price includes on-page optimization and directory submittals and generally takes 90 days from the start of the agreement to the conclusion of all on-page optimization.

    Please call 910-575-6095 or email us for pricing and information.


  • 6-Month Contract
  • This option is good for clients who want more long-term work than the one-time-fee option provides. Complicated dynamically generated sites will minimally need this type of program, as they can't generally be served well with the one-time-fee option. The longer contract allows us to work on more pages of your site and do some continuous link building. InterCoastal Net Designs will amortize the entire project fee out into monthly payments for the 6-month contract. Even though the bulk of the work may be done in the first 3 months of the project, pricing it this way allows the client to pay a fixed amount each month instead of having a big hit at the beginning of the project.

    Please call 910-575-6095 or email us for pricing and information.


  • 1-Year Contract
  • This option is basically the same as the 6-month option, but it's amortized over an entire year. A lot more can be accomplished with an SEO campaign that is contracted for an entire year. Since it can take several months to spot traffic and conversion trends, you often need this amount of time to really get your campaign cranking the way you want it to. This is true of SEO as well as Pay Per Click ( PPC ) campaigns. Once the site is the way you like it during the first half of the year, the second half can be spent testing and tweaking, plus gaining additional attention for the site, which can often translate into links.

    Please call 910-575-6095 or email us for pricing and information.

    With all of the above pricing models, we offer an incentive to sign up for the longer contracts. In other words, it will be cheaper to sign up for the 1-year option rather than signing up for the 6-month option and then signing up again for another 6 months.


  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management
  • Pay per click Google Adwords and Overture pay per click accounts have emerged as a viable marketing tool for websites. Google and Overture/Yahoo are currently the most popular companies offering these services.

    A pay per click advertisement is an ad placed in the "sponsored listing" portion of the search results page. You may choose to purchase only keyword terms that are most relevant to your website. You pay each time a searcher clicks on your ad.

    Pay per click campaigns can be a very effective way to bring targeted traffic to your site, if research is performed and the proper phrases are selected. The more competition there is for a certain keyword phrase, the more expensive each click-thru becomes. This can become very costly! This is why you should allow ICND to perform this necessary research. We will compare the keywords you are bidding on to the keywords found in the organic listing of the search engines and then advise you on the terms that you can delete from you PPC campaign. This could save you hundreds of not thousands of dollars each month.

    You are definitely at an advantage when you manage these campaigns with a strategy in mind. InterCoastal Net Designs has extensive experience with setting up and maintaining pay-per-click campaigns. We work with your money to ensure that you get the highest possible return on your investment.